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About Luxury Park

That's what we are: the professional for antique furniture and Asian

Luxury Park - more than ten years experience in online trading, more than ten years experience in business with the good style. You will find furniture and furnishings of a special kind We specialize in the distribution of Asian furniture, more particularly, to hand-crafted solid wood furniture from China, Mongolia, Tibet and India. In short, the traditional Chinese wedding cabinet to zuraufwändig painted wooden chest you can discover a whole lot here.

For that we are: the combination of tradition and modernity


Our furniture all have a history that makes it unique. Each piece has a character and has to tell the attentive listener something. We think it important that we know where our Naturholzmöbelherkommen and that sienach traditional Asian craftsmanship are made.

Our furniture is available for a pleasant mix of tradition and modernity. They exude elegance and the same time convey a totally modern sensibility.

What we offer exclusive elegance to the living room into the hallway

It is, furnishings would reveal a lot about its owner. Do not worry: With Luxury Park, you can not go wrong.

We offer handmade dressers, various high-, low-and sideboards, wardrobes, beds, bedside cabinets, tables, seating, chests, shelves and cabinets, altar furniture, to sculptures, fireplace frames and other trinkets - everything for discerning guests.

Real wood furniture and really good prices

We build our work on the close co-operation with 30 to 40 permanent suppliers and trading partners, where we buy all our furniture pieces. The only way we can ensure a durable constant large selection of unique items, high quality and fair price. Our furniture have therefore just about anything - except for the price you expect with so much quality.

Quick order - order quickly get quickly - quickly obtain

All items in our online store will be shipped to our warehouse and are just waiting to be ordered from you. We always ensure the fastest possible delivery. Because we know how it feels to wait for something long longed for.

Spring roll or sausage?

Therefore: Order your furniture at the Asia-expert - you order at Luxury Park.

After all, you would not even order your hand-wound spring rolls in the hot-dog stand across the street. Or?

Your Edward Molloy