Luxury Park - Your number one source for antique furniture from China, India, Tibet and Mongolia!

We bring you our original handmade furniture a touch of Asia into your living room. Prove Style: With a traditional Chinese wedding cabinet, a sideboard or apothecary cabinet you put in every room accents.

Asian Furniture: From China to Vintage

In Luxury Park you will find everything: classical China furniture, indian furniture, solid wood furniture in colonial style, shabby or vintage look as well as fireplaces in marble, sandstone and granite. The best part: Combine almost any style with one of our exclusive unique. You will see our cabinets, boards, and tables fit itself perfectly to a modern interior.

Exclusive pieces - just a few clicks away

Our furniture pieces come directly from Asia and all have their own story. Each of the pieces is made according to traditional Asian craftsmanship and built in true craftsmanship. All furniture is modeled after the original Asian style and visually adapted to the European style. We choose all the furniture carefully before we - completely refurbished and restored - offer in our online shop.

Furniture made to measure

As a special service, please contact Luxury Park also custom-made furniture to fit your needs. Dressers, wardrobes, beds - everything with your desired sizes. You get so exactly what suits you - just contact us with your requests!